As announced before with my post , I am doing my first blog series about building a sample DIY home automation for everyone to copy.

But what will we actually build?

The general idea behind this series is to show you which steps are needed to connect a google home to you raspberry Pi. It may sound like a small thing, but actually some components are involved

The google home

This device will be connected to the internet and needs to “learn” a new activity that allows us to interface with our raspberry Pi

The internet Router

As the google home and the rapsberry will need to connect to the internet, we of course need an internet router

This service allows you to easily setup the speech control for our setup. The service will decode our speech and send back requests to the raspberry pi

The Raspberry Pi

The RPI hosts our #w3cauto RSI web server and controls the LEDs via GPIO. It provides a RESTful service API for this purpose

the LEDs

The LEDs are just an example to show how to control devices in your home. LEDs are easy to hook up to the RPI GPIOs and cheap. Of course the important lesson is to learn how to work with the GPIOs, so that you can ultimately control any device instead of the LEDs

Each of the components has its own secrets, so follow the posts to come to see how each of them is setup individually and how the whole system finally integrates.

Stay tuned!

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