I recently came across this article (http://pandodaily.com/2012/03/12/the-la-tech-scene-finally-moves-out-of-its-parents-basement/) which is mainly focussing on the Los Angeles Tech Scene. In the authors opinion the silicon valley is facing a competitive future. I absolutely agree with him except that it is not only LA taht is on the raise but also Germanies capital Berlin. Berlin hosts a lot of european startups, is a very good place to live for young, creative people and already have it’s “own” venture capital network.

What I find interesting most is the list of supporters Michael Carney has at the very end of his article:

While any list of this type is likely to be incomplete, in the purest sense of the word, the following are those which have best succeeded in announcing themselves and capturing the attention local entrepreneurs.

  • Launchpad LA – founded by Mark Suster, with Sam Teller-

20 Startups per year @ $50,000; Cost: 5-10% Equity Stake; Length: 3-4 months; Focus: Technology Startups

120 Startups @ $20,000, Cost: 8-11% Equity Stake plus potential warrants, Length: 90 days, Focus: Technology Startups

  • Originate – founded by Rob Meadows and Jeff Scheinrock

10-15 Startups @ $100k-$1.5MM in technology resources (not Cash); Cost: Equity proportionate to resources contributed; Focus: Products and Technologies in the Web and Mobile Space

  • Amplify – founded by Paul Bricault, Richard Wolpert, & Jeff Solomon

20 Startups @ $50,000; Cost: 5-10% equity; Focus: Media and entertainment technology

  • Muckerlab – founded by Erik Rannala, William Hsu, Greg Bettinelli, Yan David Erlich

20 Startups per year @ $21,000; Cost: 6% Equity Stake; Length: 12 weeksl; Focus: Internet software, services and media entrepreneurs.

  • upStart.LA – founded by Dan Dato and Bruce Brown

5-10 Startups per classes (1-2 classes/year) @ $18,000; Cost: 6% Equity Stake; Length: 12 weeks; Focus: Tech entrepreneurs

  • K5 Launch – founded by Amir Banafatemi, Ray Chan, David Cheng, and Kai Tao

10-50 Startups @ 25K-$200k ea.; Cost: 3-8% Equity Stake; Length: 3 months; Focus: Technology Startups

  • Idealab – founded by Bill Gross and Allen Morgan

4-6 Startups per year @ $50k – $500K; Cost: variable; Focus: Disruptive ideas

  • Science-Inc – founded by Mike Jones, Tom Dare, Mike Macadaan, Ryan Sit and Peter Pham

Funding: Variable; Science describes itself not as an accelerator, but as a technology studio; Focus: Internet businesses.

Funding: None; Cost: $900 + 3.5% Equity Stake + $4,000 at first capital raise over $100,000; Length: 4 months

Thanks for sharing this collection. This may be helpful for some of the startup founder to get funded.

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