I just came across a very new site called tubalr.com A few minutes after checking it out I was addicted. Tublar is absolutely and easy to use, clear design fully working pandora for youtube. It’s creator Cody Steward writes: “Tubalr allows you to effortlessly listen to a band’s or artist’s top YouTube videos without all the clutter YouTube brings.”

Geekiest about it: The full Source is available at GitHub.

So how does it work and how do you benefit from it?

You just put in a genre, artist or song that you like into the search box. after hitting “just”, you get matching results as a youtube playlist. The first video immediately starts playing. If you hit “similar” instead, you get some mixed playlist which helps you to discover new music or mixes that you didn’t know about.


If you just are in the mood for some e.g. rock music, got to “genre” and select your preferred genre, curated by Last.FM.

Cody writes about Tublars existence:

“Tubalr is an app that was crafted out of curiosity and passion, September 12th 2010.  I released it into the wild and have been iterating ever since.  I built Tubalr because I kept running across great high quality videos wishing I had a simple app to play those videos back to back, while working or doing other things.”

Anyone tried it? Let me know. Any former suggestions for services like this?



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